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A Real Estate Brokerage Build For Agents By Agents To Work With More Investors


Agents Invest is a real estate brokerage focused on working with investor clients. As a referral-based brokerage, Agents Invest works with investment-savvy real estate agents. Based in Seattle, Washinton, Agents Invest is a brokerage made for agents by agents. Our mission is to help real estate agents add investor clients to their business. If you want to work with more investor clients, become an Agent Partner today.

Our Agent Partners gain access to hundreds of buy-and-hold investors. That’s what makes us so special. We work with agents from coast-to-coast. We put their deals in front of hundreds of investors who are ready to add properties to their rental portfolio.

What Makes Us Unique

Most real estate brokerages focus on one thing: selling houses. What makes us unique is that we focus on the end result – helping investors achieve financial freedom. In addition to offering viable buy and hold investment opportunities from our Agent Network, we also offer education related to buy and hold real estate investing.

Deal List

We send deals directly to our investors. Join our Deal List if you want to receive deals straight to your inbox.

Group Investing Trips

Imagine spending the weekend with a small group of 40 buy and hold real estate investors from all across the United States.

Real Estate Investing Content

Each month we share our best content related to building and scaling a rental portfolio.

Mastermind Group

Are you an experienced investor looking to add to your tribe? Do you wish you had a group of friends you should share things like “I’ve officially increased my net worth to $1 million!” OR “I’ve increased my passive income streams to $10k per month!”?

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