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Financing to Boost Your Practice

To grow your medical practice, you need the right healthcare financing. At 123 Financed commercial brokerage, we offer working capital you can use for debt consolidation, practice acquisition or equipment leasing. These are all inexpensive ways to grow and maintain your practice.

Consolidate Your Debt

To help you change from multiple monthly payments to one bill, 123 Financed commercial brokerage. has a quick qualification process that could even lower your interest rate. Once qualified, you could have your money you need to pay off your debt within the week.

Acquire Another Practice

Growing a medical practice can be tricky, but acquiring another practice or buying out a partner is a quick way to do accomplish this goal. The working capital we offer can help you have cash on hand for this kind of purchase. Qualifying medical professionals can expect up to 100% financing.

Lease Medical Equipment

MRIs and x-ray machines can be too expensive to purchase, but leasing such items can be easier on your budget. At The 123 Financed commercial brokerage, we can cover up to 50% of soft costs. We offer loans and leases to help you get the medical equipment you need.

Get Approved Today

Find out more by speaking with one of our qualified financial advisors. If you are ready to grow your practice, we can get you an application or schedule a more formal discussion.