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Lending That Helps Franchises Grow

If your franchise needs financial backing,123 Financed commercial brokerage is here to help. Our franchise financing comes with generous terms and allows you to do what needs to be done to make your business successful and promote growth.

Financing Terms and Uses

Part of what makes our financing so attractive to business owners is the terms we offer in our loan agreements. These may vary depending on your business but there is some general information you should know before you apply. For franchise loans, we’re proud to offer the following terms:

  • Quick pre-qualification procedure
  • Fast closing
  • Repercussion-free pre-payments
  • A maximum LTV of 90%
  • Terms that last as long as 25 years
  • Rates starting at a low 6%

Another aspect that draws businesses to our loans is the wide range of possibilities the funding offers. Do you need to buy property or equipment? What about remodeling or building a property? Or even refinancing? Our loans can help with all of that.

Obtain Your Financing Today

If you’re looking for an affordable lending option with great terms for your business, then we’re glad to be of service. To start the process, contact 123 Financed commercial brokerage. today and speak with our expert staff about our franchise financing. We can begin by providing you with a free analysis of your business or simply send you an application if you’re ready to begin immediately.