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78% of people who get their credit repaired eventually repeat the same mistakes and end up with a low credit score again!

We emphasize the teaching portion of the credit restoration process!! We know accountability and learning new skills are a vital part of your continued success. In order to prevent you from becoming a statistic, we have developed a program curriculum and we have included accountability to help you change negative financial behaviors and learn new skills.

Credit Fundamentals Program

Every client with a FICO score of 625​ ​and below​ must participate in our education/coaching sessions while in the credit restoration process. The program consists of accountability check in calls, email or text, tutorials and educational materials. The program lasts for 6-12 months. Successful participants will be able maintain an excellent credit score and execute good spending habits and credit control. One time fee of $99.00 and $19.99 per month. Clients who complete this program are eligible for a homeownership grant towards the purchase of their new home.

Executive Program $99.00 per month.

Executive Program- This program offers concierge service to executive professionals. Credit reports are monitored monthly. Realty & Financial Stylist proactively communicates to the client and works to correct any negative remarks that may appear on the credit report. This includes letters to creditors. We help you dispute all of the erroneous information on the credit report, try to get as many things deleted as possible, we work on building existing credit and work on building new credit. $199.00 Initial Consultation & Audit 89 per month for credit coaching

Online Reputation Service $79.00

The credit repair services work with the 3 major credit bureaus. Our online reputation service covers ancillary reporting agencies. If you are unsure if you have derogatory accounts with the following issues, you would definitely benefit from this service

  • Check Systems
  • Tenant history
  • Employer Screening
  • Public Records
  • Online Reputation Report

Consultation: Clients reports are pulled and evaluated. The Realty & Financial Stylist consults with clients and provides an action plan to improve their credit profile. We dispute all of the erroneous information on the credit report, try to get as many things deleted as possible, we work on building existing credit and work on building new credit.Together We Can Fix Your Credit Issues: We help people be able to buy a home, get better rates on vehicles & much more. We have a cancel at anything policy for all credit coaching.


Looking for professional assistance and a host of other benefits for an enhanced experience?

We Do All the Work, You Get All the CREDIT!

  • Novae Money Basic
  • $ 199 Enrollment + $49
    • Online Budgeting Tool
    • Debt Elimination Software
    • Credit Building Resources
    • Access to Primary User Tradelines
    • Access to Credit Attorneys
    • Live Customer Service
    • Complimentary Credit Education & Restoration
  • Novae Money Premium
  • $ 229 Enrollment + $79
    • Novae Money Basic PLUS:
    • Personal Account Manager
    • 3 Mthly Bureau / 3 Score Report
    • Daily Credit Monitoring
    • Text & Email Credit Monitoring Alerts
    • Credit Score Tracker
    • Credit Score Builder Planner
    • Credit Score Master Simulator
    • Identity Theft Protection
    • $1 Million in Fraud Insurance
    • Access to Debt Collection Attorneys
    • Up to 3 Non-Credit Dispute Letters Sent Monthly
LOOKING FOR FASTER RESPONSES?: Due to COVID-19 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) extended the response time for disputes to the credit bureaus an additional 15 days, moving the expected response time for consumers to 45-60 days. If you need letters sent to the credit bureaus and would like to guarantee delivery with the fastest responses, we suggest you choose the Certified Letter Mailing option during enrollment above. CLICK HERE to read more on the CFPB extension.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Novae does not sell or take money to deliver credit repair services. Novae does help customers by offering the features detailed above, helping customers analyze their credit reports, provide education on what they could do to potentially improve their credit, and offer complimentary document services with an active membership of Novae Money Basic/Premium.

Not looking for a service? But would like to attempt to improve your credit YOURSELF?

CHECK OUT our Do It Yourself Product!

  • Novae Money D.I.Y.
  • . One time fee of 50
    • Informative E-Book
    • Easy to Follow Instructions
    • 28 Total Letter Templates
    • Student Loan Information
    • Bankruptcy Information
    • Inquiry Letter Templates
    • Collection Letter Templates
    • Goodwill Letter Templates
    • Paid Removal Template
    • Email Support Only
  • Inquiry Removal D.I.Y.
  • . One time fee of 25
  • This plan includes immediate instructions on how to attempt to get your non-matching hard inquiries removed in less than 48 hours!!!