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Get Quick Funding Through Our Commercial Real Estate Financing Program

Have you ever noticed how long it can take to get the funds for a traditional loan? While some can afford to wait, if you are trying to purchase a piece of real estate, time is of the essence. Fortunately,123 Financed commercial brokerage. offers commercial real estate financing that delivers the funds you need in minimal time.

Our Available Programs

Our financial products are so diverse that they can fit an impressive variety of situations and needs. Here are the top programs we offer:

  • Bridge Loans: If you’re trying to purchase a property quickly, a bridge loan may be appropriate for your situation. It is a short-term loan designed to tide you over until you can get approval for a long-term loan.
  • CMBS Loans: Although they’re called “loans,” CMBS loans are actually securities. Investors buy them as bonds after they are transferred to a trust. They generally come with low interest rates and offer generous financing up to $50,000,000.
  • Equity and Mezzanine Financing: Our equity and mezzanine financing programs are very easy to customize, which makes them a good choice if you want completely tailored financing. Receive up to $100,000,000 upon approval.
  • 504 and SBA 7a Loans: Looking for a loan that offers competitive terms for owner-occupied properties and hotels (both non-flagged and flagged)? A 504 or SBA 7a loan may be the perfect fit.
  • International Financing: International real estate projects can be lucrative. Support your project financially with an international loan.
  • Construction Financing: We frequently structure large loans for construction projects. If you qualify, you could receive $10,000,000 or more.
  • Conventional Programs: Our conventional loan programs always offer competitive rates and terms. They’re ideal for all types of real estate projects.
  • HUD and FHA Lending: This type of funding is intended for Senior’s housing, multifamily rental housing and all types of healthcare facilities. It offers fixed low rates and generous funding.

We’d love to chat with you about your current financial needs and direct you toward a commercial real estate financing program that will be a good fit. Call us today to get started.