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Built links with nCino as bank system expands its reach

Construction-lending software provider Built Technologies has just completed a full rollout of an integration with nCino, a publicly traded fintech that provides a core banking system used to onboard various types of loans and deposits.

The integration with Built’s technology platform for construction loans is significant because it adds to indications that nCino could have increasing relevance to real estate-secured lending, possibly through a mix of integrations and its own products.

nCino, which went public in July, has been at work on rolling out a mortgage lending system in Australia, Canada and Europe as part of larger efforts to build profitability. It plans to bring that technology to the United States in two to three years.

“We are committed to continuous innovation of the nCino bank operating system and have made substantial investments in product development, sales and marketing and strategic acquisitions since our inception to achieve a market leadership position,” the company said in a statement. “We work with a range of technology partners, such as Built, as well as system integration partners around the globe to help provide the best overall experience for our financial institution customers.”

Built’s clients are increasingly interested in having the flexibility to use whatever mix of technologies they like, but they do want to avoid being “paper-cut to death” by clunky transitions between different systems, said CEO Chase Gilbert.

“Banks have traditionally picked a core provider, and that was their core provider for everything, but more recently I’ve felt there has been a shift,” he said.

Pricing for the nCino integration will be negotiated and in line with Built’s volume-based charges, said Gilbert.

“We can stand it up fast, but we do need to have a conversation to understand companies’ configurations,” Gilbert said.

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